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Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Much of the media coverage over the last few weeks has focused on the policy of separating illegal immigrant children from their parents on the US border.

The Trump administration has come under fire for enforcing the policy, which calls for criminal prosecution of would-be immigrants who cross the border illegally, therefore separating them from their children.

The outrage has struck some reporters as peculiar, particularly since there was abject silence and a lack of outrage when the Obama administration treated illegal immigrants in a similar fashion.

Barack Obama deported more people than any president in history and reached a record number — 97,000 — of criminal prosecutions in 2013 for illegal border crossings. Breitbart Texas reporter Brandon Darby toured detention facilities under the Obama administration.

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Anonymous said...

Because the outrage is fake. Democrats are useless wastes of air who have not ever and will not ever contribute anything positive to society. All democrats are liars and lying is the only thing the trash excels at. When you don't have a record of ever doing anything useful you have to demonize the opposition to win elections.

Anonymous said...

Not all Dems are the devil or lying liars. Kennedy did well for the very short time in office (Bay of Pigs, space race) Speaking of liars, Richard Milhous Nixon does come to mine. He did wonders with China but that was AFTER his Presidency....

Careful about casting stones in glass houses cuz both parties are lying liars and have lots of skeletons in the closet!

Anonymous said...

Its the satan worshippers who have infiltrated our institutional. NO GOD no peace..know God know peace. It really is that simple but most in this world are very lost and Godless

lmclain said...

Kennedy did his best work with all the whores, hookers, and one night stands he slid into the white house and he didn't do a bad job, either, the all the drugs he and his buddies were using. Remember the whore mongering democrat L. Johnson, and the admitted whore monger Bill Clinton?? AND, the two most incompetent loser presidents in our history, both democrats ----Carter and obama.
If we could only just advertise a national assembly of all card carrying democrats to meet in that symbol of law, order, and cleanliness (San Francisco) and, after they all arrive, start carpet bombing that city for 30 straight days.
I guarantee THAT would make America MUCH BETTER.

Anonymous said...

The Dems have no memory of the havoc Obama brought to this country, he didn't know how to handle anything especially the burnings and destruction in Chicago, and all he and Hillary did was support thugs and criticize our 1st responders every time. Both of them have short term memory loss.