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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Ron Paul Asks "Why Can't We Sue The TSA For Assault?"

When I was in Congress and had to regularly fly between DC and Texas, I was routinely subjected to invasive “pat-downs” (physical assaults) by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). One time, exasperated with the constant insults to my privacy and dignity, I asked a TSA agent if he was proud to assault innocent Americans for a living.

I thought of this incident after learning that the TSA has been compiling a “troublesome passengers” list. The list includes those who have engaged in conduct judged to be “offensive and without legal justification” or disruptive of the “safe and effective completion of screening.” Libertarian journalist James Bovard recently pointed out that any woman who pushed a screener’s hands away from her breasts could be accused of disrupting the “safe and effective completion of screening.” Passengers like me who have expressed offense at TSA screeners are likely on the troublesome passengers list.



Anonymous said...

Welcome to the machine.
Tyrannical Government.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the new world order were we became the criminals US citizens after 911.

Anonymous said...

The TSA was set up as a knee jerk reaction to the attacks on 911. Since then the TSA has morphed into a conditioning program to condition a generation or two of citizens into not expecting their civil rights.
When the government starts to take step to eliminate the bill of rights no one will make a peep.

Anonymous said...

Let’s boil this down, because of Saudi nationals crazed on Islam, if you want to fly, you must submit to a Government pervert feeling you up for contraband. There is a choice, earn enough money to buy your own plane like Trump.

Anonymous said...

Why do these people get elected?

Anonymous said...

There's a situation that can be wholly attributed to Geo W. Bush. Between the "Patriot Act" and the formation of the TSA, Bush took away more constitutional freedoms, and took away more of our privacy, than any other president in my lifetime (and I'm an old fart).