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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

VA used as blueprint for Trump effort to weaken civil-service protections

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump is using recent changes at the Department of Veterans Affairs as a blueprint to make it easier to fire employees across the federal government.

Trump signed three executive orders Friday afternoon that aim to limit union activity, shorten the amount of time it takes to fire federal workers and encourage agencies to fire employees, instead of merely disciplining them.

“It’s fulfilling a promise to empower every Cabinet secretary to remove those who undermine the public trust or fail the American people,” Andrew Bremberg, director of the Domestic Policy Council and an assistant to the president, said while announcing the changes Friday.

The gist of the orders is to weed out bad workers – the same driving force behind changes made at the VA last June.



Anonymous said...

To there getting ready to thin the herd at the postal service

Anonymous said...

A lot of what these people show up and hide from or pretend to do could be done by sophisticated technology. The Fed is too paper FAT with too many tears of idle managers passing the buck and collectives that can not make decisions without consulting their lobbyists and their pollsters and their party lines. Roads, bridges and transportation are not the only infrastructure failing. It's the whole Federal machine and everyone seeking office want's a slice of that your tax payers pie. Not to bring it home to the states and put it to work for your benefit but in the pockets of their backers. The Vatican has fewer levels of bureaucracy and it's the richest corporation on the planet. They sell dreams too but with just little over head Disney's a close second. Our Republic and this Democracy the greatest social experiment known to man kind that once afforded everyone an attainable "Dream" has been to co-opted by greedy devils and they pander to us shamelessly praying on beliefs and nostalgia. We have not seen anything yet even those of us that leaned in and thought we lived responsibly and toted the line will soon be disenfranchised .
Sorry folks that's a doomer rant. One has to wonder though.

Anonymous said...

Who writes a check and mails it? Amazon is keeping the postal service above water. They are out delivering on Sundays and they are not even Federal employees they are scab contractors.

Anonymous said...

Government has far too many employees at every level. Computers were supposed to make jobs easier, faster, and reduce expenses by minimizing the workforce. But liberals have created unnecessary jobs in government and abused the use of taxpayer dollars. Enough is enough. Kudos to the Trump team on this one.