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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

To Lower Your Medicare Drug Costs, Ask Your Pharmacist For The Cash Price

A simple question at the pharmacy could unlock savings for millions of Medicare beneficiaries.

Under a little-known Medicare rule, they can pay a lower cash price for prescriptions instead of using their insurance and doling out the amount the policy requires. But only if they ask.

That's because pharmacists say their contracts with drug plans often contain "gag orders" forbidding them from volunteering this information.

As part of President Donald Trump's blueprint to bring down prescription drug costs, Medicare officials warned in a May 17 letter that gag orders are "unacceptable and contrary" to the government's effort to promote price transparency.

But the agency stopped short of requiring insurers to lift such restrictions on pharmacists.



Anonymous said...

Health care and drugs one of the only things a consumer buys without knowing the cost upfront before the purchase.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. I found this out
a couple of yrs. ago , when ask
pharmacist what their cost would be.
It's a savings that's important to soo
many Seniors. On one of my RX I save
over $150. 00 per yr. if i go through
Wal Mart instead of a pharmacy that takes
my RX plan. That's not the case with all
drugs , but u can bet, it's wise to ck it
out at your pharmacy!
The American people have
been " fooled " once again!!!!

Anonymous said...

A couple of YEARS ago????

Well then, blame this on OBAMACARE as others today might do? OR blame this on the total SYSTEM, which just keeps increasing regardless of the affordable care act.

Big PHARM and Congress are the root of these problems, not some Presidential order/mandate.

This is truly UNAMERICAN!

Anonymous said...

I've done this since the 1980's. Had a good Doctor at Johns Hopkins that informed of this as an option. Long before obomacare.
But be careful. It can cut both ways.