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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Caged Migrant Children Photo Goes Viral As Left Rages At Trump; Except It Happened Under Obama

A photograph of two migrant children sleeping in a cage at an ICE detention facility quickly went viral on Sunday after several prominent liberals tweeted it in a white-hot rage at President Trump's immigration policy.

After a laundry list of journalists and public figures angrily tweeted the photo - including CNN's Hadas Gold, NYT Mag's editor-in-chief Jake Silverstein, Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau and former LA mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, they deleted their tweets in shame when it emerged that the photo was taken in 2014, under Obama.

Indeed - nobody thought to check the date on the attached article, published in June of 2014.

The award for the lamest excuse goes to CNN's Hadas Gold, who wrote "Deleted previous tweet because gave impression of recent photos (they're from 2014)"



Anonymous said...

Just proves that liberals don't care about groups of people, they just hate Trump and conservatives.

Obama Crooked Bastardo said...

First time ever I agree with those Democrats calling Racism and Child Abuse. And the the president has to be responsible. So, now since this happened in 2014 , get Eric hHolder to issue warrant for arrest of Mighty Barack now! Oh wait, what, he is a Democ-rat? Oh, pardon me, I forgot, no rules and laws apply here, anything goes. And how dare someone try to accuse Mighty Anointed Communist Organizer In Chief.

Anonymous said...

Took it down quick, fast and in a minute when it was not something negative about President Trump!!!! The DEEP STATE is dying, actually imploding....Mueller will be the last part to fall, and its coming!

Anonymous said...

LIB/DEMs can't pass up a good LIE

Anonymous said...

For the second time saying it today, everything the left does comes back to bite them. Our POTUS is getting the job done and doesn't dwell on their crap, so they might as well join him. They aren't going to destroy him as planned.

Anonymous said...

Well Anything the Demon-crats do is OK !!!

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that Obama was tough on immigrants?