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Friday, April 27, 2018

The Most Innovative City in the Country? Fayetteville, N.C.

Fayetteville, N.C., population 205,000, is the most innovative city in the country, according to a new report from Governing in collaboration with the nonprofit Living Cities.

The second annual Equipt to Innovate report, released this week, assesses municipal governments on a range of metrics -- including data use and strategic planning, racial equity in decisionmaking, and citizen engagement.

Fayetteville was a high performer in last year's inaugural report, in which Phoenix was ranked No. 1, but the North Carolina city rose to the top in this year's evaluation.



Anonymous said...

Interesting that they have walking/biking trails, a pavilion for music and a downtown area that is pedestrian friendly with a very nice fountain.

Looks like the main difference between here and there is their commitment to education.

Cape Fear High School - School of Agricultural & Natural Sciences Academy (9 - 12)
Douglas Byrd High School - Finance Academy & Ford Partnerships for Advanced Studies (9 - 12)
Ezekiel Ezra "E.E." Smith High School - Academies of Math & Science and Fire Science (9 - 12)
Jack Britt High School - Academy of Integrated Systems of Technology and Applied Engineering (9 - 12)
Pine Forest High School - Academies of Emergency Medical Science & Information Technology (9 - 12)
Seventy-First High School - School of Arts (9 - 12)
Terry Sanford High School - Global Studies Academy (9 - 12)
Westover High School - Academies of Health and Engineering (9 - 12)
South View High School - International Baccalaureate (9-12)
Gray's Creek High School - Academy of Information Technology (9-12)

Anonymous said...

Ranking must have been done prior to it coming out about the council member trying to extort money from a businessman trying to revitalize the Prince hotel downtown.

Anonymous said...

Just another group making its list of metrics it likes and then looking for a match.

Anonymous said...

As a former resident of Salisbury, I can truthfully state that NC's worst town or city is a 10 times better place to live than Salisbury.

Anonymous said...

Judging on every matrix, they have beat Da'Bury into the ground. Equal demographics for black and white residents. The slower lower just can't educate its children to be anything other than shorebillies.

Anonymous said...

Well with 10 high schools, it's a much larger city than Salisbury and so it has much more money to work with.

Anonymous said...

Of course, the facts that Ft. Bragg and Pope Field put about $5 billion into the local economy, and that they actually have a solid and growing manufacturing base have nothing to do with their success.

Anonymous said...

As a former resident of Salisbury, Md., I totally agree with 6:55 AM. However, that slave mentality between blacks and whites born, raised and continued to live in this State still exist. And, I hate it.