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Friday, April 27, 2018

Here Is The Next Big Threat Facing American Farmers

Despite the media's assertion that President Trump's animating political principle is "stay loyal to the base", the White House is coming incredibly close to alienating one of the president's most reliable constituencies: The American farming community.

Farmers practically begged Trump to back down from his burgeoning trade war when China slapped tariffs on 128 products, including walnuts and California wine. And when Chinathreatened to deploy one of the most powerful weapons in its trade arsenal: tariffs on US soybeans, it only further escalated the tension.

But China's tariffs on agricultural products are only a small part of the problems facing American farmers.

As we pointed out earlier this month, the White House's tariffs on aluminum and steel attempted to solve one problem but created another. And the "unintended consequences" from the steel tariffs are hurting agricultural jobs across the Midwest.


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Anonymous said...

Its only an issue because Monsanto lobbied enough to make it illegal to keep seedstock to plant the following season.