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Friday, April 27, 2018

ICE boss takes on NY Gov. Cuomo, calls slams 'insult' to agency

The head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) accused New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo of making "grandstanding" and "inaccurate" comments Wednesday after armed agents raided an upstate dairy farm last week and allegedly handcuffed a man who tried to record an arrest.

Cuomo, a Democrat rumored to be a contender for the party's 2020 presidential nomination, said that the agency "is violating the law and endangering public safety" and threatened to sue ICE if such raids continued.

"The reckless and unconstitutional practices ICE is deploying in our communities violate everything we believe in New York and are an assault on our democracy," Cuomo added. "I demand ICE immediately cease and desist this pattern of conduct, and if they fail to do so, I will pursue all available legal recourse and commit to doing everything in my power to protect the rights and safety of all New Yorkers."

In response, ICE Deputy Director Thomas Homan said Cuomo's remarks were "an insult to ICE's sworn law enforcement officers who conduct their lawful mission professionally and with integrity."



Anonymous said...

Cuomo's a democrat so he lies constantly as do all democrats. He also recently lied and said he was "undocumented." The only thing democrats didn't lie about was when they self described as nasty. They are nasty foul putrid degenerates who have not ever and will not ever contribute anything positive to society.

Anonymous said...

CUOMO and his scum CNN son are both POS.

Anonymous said...

Then I trust the ICE boss will find a way to arrest Cuomo!