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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Three female Md. lawmakers describe harassment, call for independent investigator

Three female lawmakers told a legislative panel in Annapolis on Monday that they’ve experienced sexual harassment while in office and called for an independent investigator to handle harassment complaints in the Maryland General Assembly.

Dels. Angela M. Angel (D), District 25, Ariana B. Kelly (D-Montgomery) and Marice I. Morales (D), District 19, each spoke of being grabbed, touched or treated inappropriately, without giving details or naming the perpetrators.

They asked the House Rules Committee to approve legislation, backed by theWomen Legislators of Maryland caucus, that calls for an independent investigator, creates procedures for complaints involving lobbyists and requires the Office of Legislative Services to keep records on anti-harassment training of lawmakers and legislative staff.

Currently, harassment complaints must be filed either with the General Assembly’s office of human resources or the presiding legislative officers or their staff, and can be referred for investigation to the Joint Legislative Committee on Ethics.



Anonymous said...

Sexual Harassment & All other Harassment Will Never End ,
so, Enough of these Endless cases !!!

Courts are Full Already !!! Harassment has been since
Time began .........not enough Court time for this !!

Anonymous said...

Sue Happy Americans !!! Noone will be Safe anymore !!

Anonymous said...

It seems that complaints are more prevalent from those with a (D) after their names.

Anonymous said...

It's not to say that all of the alleged perpetrators were male, right?

Anonymous said...

Murders will never end, does that mean we should stop clogging the courts with murder cases?

Anonymous said...

the problem is people misconstrue what is said and happens. Just because i ask you out for lunch or a drink does not mean that i'm trying to get in your pants. If i sent you flowers in your hard time does not mean that i'm trying to get in your pants. because i am being nice to you does not mean that i want to get in your pants. You can't say or do anything to some people without it being said that its harrasment. Sorry to bust your bubbles, but i am not interested in dating the majority of those that i am being nice to. If i am demanding you to have sex with me or you will not get that promotion or job then yes that harassment. Just because you are standing to close to me and you get accidently bumped. i'm not interested in you. So leaves me to question how much of these complaints are actually true harassment?