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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Democrats, Media Just Don’t Know How to Talk About Guns

For years, Democrats and media figures have badly bungled gun vocabulary, gun laws and overallgun knowledge.

Here's two minutes' worth of folks talking about stopping "machine gun magazines," "high-magazine clips," and "rapid-fire magazines," banning guns that are already banned, conflating automatic weapons with semiautomatic weapons, warning about heat-seeking bullets, mourning the legality of hunting humans, and Joe Biden yelling, "Boom!"

Enjoy. Or cringe. Either way.

(A tip of the hat to Alana Mastrangelo, who compiled a previous montage with some of these clips as well.)



Anonymous said...

I'd ask what they're thinking, but it might be too frightening.

Anonymous said...

Dave T: Sorry, I can't review any more of these pathetic vultures who are swarming around the dead to benefit their own cause. Disgusting and reprehensible to say the least.

Anonymous said...

The vultures (government) are the very ones' who pulled off the crime!
Not some pimple faced kid with anger issues over his mother dying and leaving him and brother $800 thousand.