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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Dennis Prager: ‘The Left Is the Most Racist Movement Since the Nazis’

“Would Chuck Schumer like to see fewer Jews in the judiciary so that the judiciary looked like the American population?” asked Dennis Prager on Friday’s edition of his eponymous radio show.

Prager’s comments came in response to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) opposition to a federal judicial nominee on the basis of the nominee being white.

Schumer further advocated for the implementation of racial and ethnic quotas within federal judicial nominations. Merit should be subverted in pursuit of “diversity,” he suggested, calling for the nomination of more female and “non-white” nominees on the basis of sex, race, and ethnicity. The federal judiciary should “[start] looking a lot more like the America it represents,” said Schumer during a Wednesday Senate session.

Having members of one’s race represented politically or within the government does not afford one tangible benefits, said Prager:

"So what does that mean exactly? The judiciary is supposed to racially reflect the racial composition of American life? And why, exactly? Why is that an ideal that it looks like the American people? What benefit is there?

"[The left] speaks constantly of a racist society and the problems of the black underclass — which is a problem worth speaking about, incidentally. So I always ask, “Name me one benefit that having all the black mayors and all the black congressmen that we have has accrued to black life.” I would like to know one single tangible benefit.

"There are virtually — I’ve always pointed this out — no Asian congressmen, Asian governors, Asian judges — well, maybe some Asian judges — and they are the most successful community in the United States of America. … There is zero correlation between having your race represented in Congress or the judiciary and benefits to your race. Zero.

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Steve said...

Every elected or appointed public official should be the same color as our Constitution, period. Creating racial divides in not in that document anywhere.

There are no "White" problems or any other color "problems" other than made up ones.

Anonymous said...

A white problem? I have met more racist non whites than racist white poeple in my life.

Anonymous said...

Excellent points made.

Anonymous said...

Lol on the eastern shore? Doubtful

Anonymous said...

the new racism. white shaming and white guilt. I will say as the blacks did back in the day. I'm black and i'm proud. Well i'm white and i'm proud. God sees no color. I have a dream, for one day i will be judged by my character and not the color of my skin. King would be rolling over in his grave to see how things have turned. He stood and fought for equality for ALL. He lived and breathed peace and unity of all colors and faiths and creeds. Its a sad day when people just can't be people. We all live and breath the same air. We all bleed red. Reversed racism serves No one. As Rodney King said "Can't we all just get along?"

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. Let's judge one by the color of their skin and not by the content of their character...

Anonymous said...

The Nazi's and Democrats are both Fascist groups

Anonymous said...

More Racists Blacks than Whites = FACT !!!

Anonymous said...

Preaching to the choir.
all of us know that as a fact.
Poor black people have been duped by the Communist Party (I now refuse to call them any other name).

Anonymous said...

The Demon-crats are the most Nazi movement in America !!!!

incl Pelosi /Shumer/ Schiff / Lynch / Comey / Clapper

Hillary / Obama / Cummings / & the rest