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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Obama Mandate Threatened My College’s Right to Exist. Here’s How Religious Liberty Won.

It was my time as a student at Wheaton College that helped me decide to become a lawyer. I never imagined that I’d have to spend six years of my legal career defending Wheaton’s right to exist.

Thankfully, that six-year fight came to an end last week.

The struggle began in 2011 when the Obama administration tried to use the Affordable Care Act to force religious organizations to pay for drugs and services that violated their religious beliefs.

Through an unconstitutional mandate, the government tried nine different ways to achieve the same goal: forcing religious schools, orders, nonprofits, and businesses to give up their religious beliefs as the price of admission to life in the public square.



Anonymous said...

The corrupt obama administration was the most evil of our entire history.

Anonymous said...

How does a practical and competitive education have anything to do with ones beliefs ? You wanna go volunteer in some non-profit mission have at it but business and prosperity
is an Empirical and Ration market driven pursuit. It's no wonder there are so many people unemployed.

Anonymous said...

Not even close.
The Woodrow Wilson Administration did tremendous damage to the Constitutional Republic. Heck, his Admin. made Barry Sorteo a possibility!

Barry's Admin. was just more of the same in a long procession toward complete collapse of this economy and enslavement to the bankers.