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Wednesday, February 07, 2018

State Police Arrest Juveniles in Stolen Vehicle

(JOPPA, Md.) – Maryland State Police arrested two juveniles suspected of stealing a van in Baltimore City before driving it to Harford County on Monday.

The female suspects, ages 15 and 17, were charged as juveniles with unlawful taking of a vehicle. After being processed at the Maryland State Police Bel Air Barrack, the juveniles were taken to the Thomas J.S. Waxter Children’s Center on Laurel.

Shortly before 3 p.m. on Monday, a plain clothes trooper observed a blue Dodge van enter the parking lot of the Wawa on MD-152 at I-95 in Joppa, Md. The trooper observed two females park at the Wawa and walk toward a liquor store, stop and then proceed back to the vehicle. The trooper also observed abnormal behavior and suspected possible criminal activity.

The trooper contacted the Bel Air barrack and requested a registration check which revealed the vehicle was stolen in Baltimore City earlier in the day. According to investigators, the vehicle was stolen by the suspects after the vehicles owner left it running unattended outside their home in the 5800 block of Willowton Avenue.

The trooper maintained visual contact as the vehicle was driven to the corner of Mountain and Philadelphia roads and entered the Carroll Fuel gas station on 900 block of Philadelphia Road. Troopers responded as the covert trooper dispatched a physical description of the females as they entered the attached store.

Troopers detained the females without incident. The juveniles were identified and are known to law enforcement.

Both females were wearing monitoring anklets. A monitoring officer with the Department of Juvenile Services contacted the Bel Air Barrack and requested the juveniles be transported to DJJS for retake. Several credit cards were found in the juveniles’ possession with others’ names. The credit cards appear to have been stolen within the past week from several different victims.


Anonymous said...

15 & 17 year old criminals. Where are their mothers and fathers?

Anonymous said...

They are just misunderstood teens dontcha know.

Anonymous said...

Got to love how well those monitoring anklets work!

Anonymous said...

clearly more than ankle monitors is needed.

Anonymous said...

Nothing a good azz whooping would not cure.