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Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Angel Mom Praises Breitbart News Coverage of Angel Families: 'Y'all Are the Ones That Are Letting the Word Come Out'

“Y’all are the ones that are letting the word come out,” Angel Mom Rhonda West told Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour during a Friday interview on SiriusXM’sBreitbart News Tonight. West contrasted this outlet’s coverage of Angel families’ stories with widespread disinterest across the broader news media landscape.

“There are so many Angel families out there, the word is not getting out,” said West. “Y’all are the ones that are letting the word come out. There are so many news stations that are not even reporting it. They’re not even reporting the crimes. It’s almost like it’s just brushed under the rug.”

Mansour expressed Breitbart News’s ongoing commitment to offering platforms to Angel families.

“I’ve got to tell you, my heart breaks for the Angel families,” said Mansour. “Not only is it the disgust at this crime that could have been prevented, it’s the complicity, the government officials; they all let you down. They won’t give you a platform. They won’t listen to you. It’s like you have to suffer in silence. You have my promise … we will always give a platform to your families. We hear you at Breitbart, and we will always listen to you guys and put you at the top of the queue when it comes to discussing this issue.”



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Anonymous said...

I have heard it for years but never believed it.
Angels did not have families with human women.

You can believe it if you wish - that is your right.
I don't believe it.