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Friday, February 23, 2018

PIERS MORGAN: FBI is the Federal Bureau of Incompetence

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s official website couldn’t be any clearer about the purpose of the organisation.

‘The mission of the FBI,’ it reads, ‘is to protect the American people.’

As for the role of its much-vaunted Special Agents, the FBI defines their job as: ‘Staying ahead of the threat through leadership, agility and collaboration.’


Where do those two bold statements of intent sit today, I wonder?

It’s hard to imagine there has even been a worse week for the FBI in its 109-year history.

First, they were forced to admit they spectacularly dropped the ball on the Florida mass shooter.



Anonymous said...

He's been on point more then once recently. Anyway that school was pure jinx since the day someone got the bright idea to name it after a whacko. Look her up Stoneman Douglas. She herself was a liberal nutjob. Lived to be 108. Even the devil didn't want her she was so nasty.

Anonymous said...

I've being calling them something similar since 911 and their failure to act on the tip by the flight instructor. Morgan must be reading Sby News.

Anonymous said...

Morgan is trying to get back in the game,but jumping on a bandwagon is not the way to do it.Something original would be nice.

Anonymous said...

Bandwagon jumper. Good call, 1:35 pm. Just a follower of whatever wave is flowing today, never a "source" for anything.

Anonymous said...

They did not fail to act. I feel they did exactly what they did on purpose. They got the result they wanted to bolster the thought of more gun control. No sane person would believe that it slipped thru the cracks.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 4:39 PM, Morgan need t just mind his own dam business in the Brit.