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Friday, February 23, 2018

Nolte: Corrupt Media Markets Gun Control Like Gay Marriage -- Say Goodbye to Your Civil Rights

The debate over gay marriage began with local conversations. Each of the 50 states would decide the issue on their own. After we discussed the matter amongst ourselves and everyone had a say, we would have ourselves a vote.

During this debate, we were assured and reassured that gay marriage would not affect us. All we want are our rights! All we want is equality! All we want is to be like you! It’s no skin off your nose! Over and over, we were promised this.

Pop culture also weighed in. TV, movies, documentaries, and various news magazines, promised us that gay marriage would bring everyone together. Carefully manufactured depictions portrayed gay nuptials as a means for families and communities to heal old wounds while a sense of Happily Ever After descended over the land.

Then came the phony media polls that showed a majority in favor of gay marriage. But, as actual voting proved, those polls were rigged. In referendums all around the country, even California, gay marriage failed.

This is when the left’s mask came off.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

if you don't believe it, look no further than NBC's coverage of figure skating.
Has anyone seen that freak they have on there doing 'color commentating'? Johnny Weir They should call him Johnny Weird!
I mean, seriously folks!
Its one more example of the MSM pushing their LBGTQXYZ agenda down our throats.