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Friday, February 23, 2018

Grandma Foils Potential Mass Murder at Washington High School

New national gun policies like Fix NICS might have their place (some would say, “buried in the backyard”), but local community intervention via a concerned citizen (or armed concealed carrier) will always be the best way to stop the next school shooting.

Case in point, WFMY News2 reported yesterday that a possible mass murder had been foiled at a Washington State high school by the would-be shooter’s grandmother. The woman, Cathi O’Connor, called the authorities after reading troubling statement’s in her grandson’s journal.

Court documents state the young man, recently identified as 18-year-old Joshua O’Connor, wrote, “I can’t wait to walk into class and blow all those (expletives) away,” and “I need to make this shooting/bombing infamous. I need to get the biggest fatality number I possible can.”

The journal also stated, “I am learning from past shooters/bombers mistakes so I don’t make the same ones.”

O’Connor owned an AK-pattern rifle, which he had stored in a guitar case. Prosecutors have also alleged that the teen possessed inert grenades that he planned to fill with black powder.


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Anonymous said...

She saw something,she said something,and they did something. Good Job!