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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Google’s New 'Fact-Check' Feature Almost Exclusively Targets Conservative Sites

Google, the most powerful search engine in the world, is now displaying fact checks for conservative publications in its results.
No prominent liberal site receives the same treatment.

And not only is Google’s fact-checking highly partisan — perhaps reflecting the sentiments of its leaders — it is also blatantly wrong, asserting sites made “claims” they demonstrably never made.

When searching for a media outlet that leans right, like The Daily Caller (TheDC), Google gives users details on the sidebar, including what topics the site typically writes about, as well as a section titled “Reviewed Claims.”

Vox, and other left-wing outlets and blogs like Gizmodo, are not given the same fact-check treatment. When searching their names, a “Topics they write about” section appears, but there are no “Reviewed Claims.”



Anonymous said...

it's as predictable as having next years newspaper.

lmclain said...

When you make up facts, what's the sense in checking them???
Google ain't stupid.
Fact checking the liberal sites would be ASKING to get spanked and would be HIGHLY embarrassing to all involved.