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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Bitter Hillary laments nobody is asking her for 2020 advice

Hillary Clinton admits nobody is seeking her advice on running for president in 2020.

In a recent interview with the Hugh Hewitt radio program the twice failed presidential candidate revealed that “nobody’s actually been to see me” about running for the nation’s top office.

“I see Democrats all the time, and nobody has said ‘Hey, I’m going to run,’ or ‘I’m thinking about running, give me advice now,’ because it is too soon,” Clinton said.

Clinton claims some Democrats promised to pay a visit but it hasn’t happened yet.

“And there may be some private planning going on by some people. I wouldn’t know who. I wouldn’t hazard a guess. But in terms of actually seeking out advice, people have said hey, I want to come talk to you. But I haven’t had those conversations, in large measure, because I’ve said I’m going to focus next year on 2018, and then you know, I’ll be happy to talk.”



Anonymous said...

After the "Basket of Deplorables" comments, she's now Hillary Kapoernik, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone seek advice from someone on how to win that has LOST twice? I can only guess to do the exact opposite of what they advise you to do.

Anonymous said...

Why ask advice from a loser.

Anonymous said...

I can only hope she runs again , this would be a shoe in for the present administration.

Anonymous said...

They're not asking Clinton for advice because they want to WIN not lose! She's such a narcissistic twat. Why does anyone even bother writing about her anymore is a mystery beyond mysteries.