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Monday, October 23, 2017

Melania Trump Slims Down First Lady’s Office Payroll

Melania Trump is running a lean East Wing operation as she is seeking to trim the fat off the payroll of her predecessor, Michelle Obama.

Fox News reports Melania has slimmed down the number of aides on her payroll compared to Michelle Obama’s East Wing operation, who employed 16 people in her office during former President Barack Obama’s first year as commander-in-chief at the cost of $1.24 million a year.

In contrast, only four people were listed on Melania Trump’s payroll as of June, with salaries totaling $486,700, according to the White House’s annual staffing report to Congress..



Anonymous said...

More PORK and FAT being cut !!! Obama did not cut Any !!!

Anonymous said...

They need to be slimming down somewhere. Look how much they’ve spent on traveling thus far this year.

Anonymous said...

Melania doesn't need a posse, she doesn't need as many beauticians, and her friends are already rich and don't need a handout.

Anonymous said...

12:53 You're being led around by the MSM. The President typically stays at a home or locations he owns. Most flights have been up and down the East Coast, as opposed to rentals in Hawaii, Vail and Martha's Vineyard by his predecessor who acted like he got an AMEX card and wanted to explore a limitless line of credit.

Anonymous said...

Obama increased the payroll while they Lived it up !!!

Anonymous said...

He paid 25 million in taxes in 05 that should cover the fuel for a while. Trump employ 1000s of people paying pensions, fica tax, w/c, healthcare, sick time, vacation time. Every day they are taxed a portion goes towards fuel. Air Force one is covered for the next 7.5 years... think of something else to complain about.. Like 20 percent of OUR uranium GOES to the kremlin.. smh