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Monday, October 23, 2017

Bagged Salad Recall Expands To Include Vegetables Sold At Walmart, Target, Others

This morning, we shared a recall notice from grocery chain Trader Joe’s that its kohlrabi salad mix had been recalled after a supplier let the company know about potential listeria contamination. It turns out that recall was much bigger, involving other retailers including Albertsons, H-E-B, and Walmart, and vegetables that are less fun to say than “kohlrabi.” 


Anonymous said...

Bagged salad sold in grocery stores is the largest source of food-borne illness in this country. It is impossible to keep this stuff clean and uncontaminated.

Anonymous said...

Bagged salads are a wilted filthy waste of money. You could eat salad for a week for what they cost. All you need is a peeler and a knife. Maybe these folks were not drowning it in enough pasteurized ranch or thousand island dressing and fake bacon bits.People buy those bags to make themselves feel better and relieved when they find they have gone bad and they can toss them out and don't have to eat them. Like Yogurt......nobody eats that unless its on a cone with chocolate syrup and candy sprinkles.