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Monday, October 23, 2017

Professor Freaks Out Over State Police, Thinks They Are 'Aryan Militia'

A University of Florida professor has revealed just how hysterical some Leftists can get. On Thursday, the repugnant white nationalist Richard Spencer spoke on campus, an event that clearly seemed destined to create tension and possibly even violence. A certain bit of paranoia is to be expected, but for one professor, it went beyond the norm when he thought an "Aryan Brotherhood militia" had descended upon the campus:

A professor in UF’s geography department emailed his students Wednesday afternoon to be careful with Spencer in town. It was picked up by the department and sent out on a student email listserv just after 4 p.m.

“FYI,” the professor wrote, “I just walked into Turlington 10 minutes ago, and there were armed Aryan Brotherhood militia circling the building. It feels like they are testing how much they can get away with, openly carrying weapons.”

The screenshot quickly spread to social media and students panicked. It took some time before students started to connect the dots. The professor was referencing a crowd of armed men in khaki long-sleeved shirts and black boots. But a closer look at their shirts identified them as Florida troopers, some of the hundred patrolling campus by Wednesday afternoon.




Anonymous said...

Typical stupid liberal Professor/ They are educated beyond their intelligence. They speak before thinking. Exactly how many get fake news.

Anonymous said...

well, he isn't that far wrong. Look at cops nowadays. They ARE dressed and equipped like soldiers. And with the straight line from military to police they have for these vets, many who have mental health issues, some act like they are still on the battlefield. (the one in M E, not here in the states)

No sudden movements, don't reach for anything and don't have any kind of button in your hand, and you MIGHT survive.

Anonymous said...

9:45...perhaps they are equipped like soldiers because they deal with mental subjects (you did bring it up), like yourself on a daily bases. You may be onto something though, they can't be wrapped to tight, offering to do the chore you wouldn't make it at. Also, I take it you are mature enough to not make any sudden moves or reach for anything. Again, you bring it up. All sounds good to me, what else you have?

lmclain said...

11:41 is a sensitive boy.

Anonymous said...

Better stop smoking that purple kush, blow that shit out!! This country is headed for an absolute trainwreck

Anonymous said...

Anonymous lmclain said...
11:41 is a sensitive boy.

October 24, 2017 at 2:44 PM

Yes, I noticed that too. Just another doofus who has no original thoughts or ideas and tries to cover it up by insulting other people he has no clue who or what they are.

But I am good at hitting nerves, aren't I? I think I hit a little close to home....again.