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Friday, August 11, 2017

Tim Tebow Hugs an Autistic Fan, Then Smashes a Three-Run Homer

If you put this stuff in a screenplay, Hollywood would throw it out. However, when it comes to the world’s most instantly recognizable baseball player, it’s just Tebow being Tebow.

St. Lucie Mets outfielder Tim Tebow went out to meet and greet fans before his game on July 29th. Something he frequently does before, and sometimes even after games. This time though, as seen on video posted by the Tampa Bay Times, Tebow went out and hugged an autistic fan, then he hit a three-run home run..

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Anonymous said...

We need more pro sport players to interact this way instead of thinking they are all that ego and expect more money. Also I believe that if the tax exempt status from the owners they would force the players to be more fan friendly since they would have to depend on the fans instead of tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

You do know, most sports athletes dislike what Tebow is doing and that is truly sad. Regardless of beliefs, religion, etc., he's genuinely a fine human being and MANY could learn a less from his kindness.

Now back to our daily pounding of da'bury, boy mayors, numbnuts, EBTers, Pooty Poot, North Korea, Dems, Firehouses, City Councils, Repubs, Clintons, and of course MAXINE, etc etc etc!

Its what makes the world go around so lets continue!!!!


Anonymous said...

You do know most of them are street thugs 10:04, the reason they don't accept Mr.Tebow.
The same reason I have never watched National Felony League and don't plan on ever watching. I don't even watch sports cast because years ago when I tried, all they talked about was who got locked up last night, etc.

Anonymous said...

Sad but true. Pro Athletes: herald the good ones; pray for the others. Lifes full of choices; take the good ones.

Anonymous said...

A true Champion - both on and off the field.

Anonymous said...

Teb's = good one!

Anonymous said...

A man of God. He walks the walk.

Anonymous said...

Bless Him ! This Country needs many
more like him to set the good example
of love/compassion he " gives out."