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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Ocean City Prepping For Big Labor Day Weekend After Storm Fizzles Out

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s back to business in Ocean City, less than a day after the town hunkered down for a coastal storm.

What was expected to build into a hurricane and sweep Maryland’s coast, fizzled out, with only a day of wind and rain.

Business owners say they dodged a bullet, just in time for the holiday weekend.

The clouds are clearing, and it’s shaping up to be a beautiful day in Ocean City Wednesday.



Anonymous said...

Heavy rain in the forecast!!!
Rain, rain, come and stay!
Keep those tourist away!
I'm sure Dan will have his low impact forecast for the weekend!

Anonymous said...

They should be prepping for the potential of Irma

Anonymous said...

Weather channel still showing rain Saturday and Sunday.

Anonymous said...

u are absolutely right 355

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks RAIN again and most are preparing for school rather than the "talk" of BIG WEEKEND yap yap.

Things really to focus on with open arms:

- College/nfl weekends from now until Feb.

- BIKE Weekend (big wallets and majority of adults. Noise of course but lots of $$$$$ cha changing)

- Sunfest (tradition and the hope of good weather)

- following weekend winefest

- October 1st weekend is cruisers, then corvettes, H2Oi (yes they are coming) and octoberfest

Embrace the offseason since each weekend can be extra cha ching IF treated nicely.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that you are not employed by any of the tourism industry.
That is an unbelievably selfish attitude.
Do you realize how important tourism is for the local economy?
Are you aware the State changed the date of the 1st day of public school in order to "help the tourism industry"?

Anonymous said...

8:03, I am painfully aware of it, and yes, I don't work in the tourism industry, and except for the beach resorts, most of us on the shore benefit little to nothing. I am thankful each year when it is over and I can cross Rt 50 without risking life and limb just to cross Rt 50 to get to work or into town. I personally avoid going to Ocean City. If I want to spend a day on the beach I go to the Outer Banks. Much nicer and over a hundred miles of beach! I also enjoy the mountains. I'll take a cabin on a river or lake in the mountains any day over a beach resort! Ocean City used to be a nice family resort up until the eighties. I personally would not shed a tear if a hurricane takes it out. Good riddance!

Anonymous said...

8:03 PM

I don't know about him but I, nor anyone I know, works for a tourism industry. Which is just PR for any particular area. You call him selfish, and if he knew the state changed the date of the first day of school for tourism.

Well, you can color me selfish too and I suspect there are many others as well. I don't know the story about any changing of a school date either. But I would suspect if indeed that were true it would have more to do with the state collecting money over anything else. Since THAT is the only time the wonderful state of Maryland is concerned with this shithouse of an eastern shore. (Md governor once said that)

So once again I can't speak for him, or anyone else, but frankly my dear I don't give a damn.

The locals do their share of crime and other dumb crap but I highly doubt they are responsible for the terrible decline of this area such as Salisbury.

In the recent past, Joe and others have explained that very well to my thinking. The ECI. They placed that prison on the shore to contain those who break our laws to such an extent that county jail is not an option.

Their families and friends come here to visit them and be closer to them. Eventually, they take up residence here so they don't have to travel far to be near them. Then when their loved one gets released they continue to stay in this area and even bring more with them.

THAT is a side to, and a result of, TOURISM. Not many talks about that side.

Local economy. WHAT local economy? The taxes the state collects? The court costs and fees? Fines?

Screw all that. You want tourism? Take a tour around Salisbury at night, or any other town around this tourist attraction. You are welcome to it.

Speaking for myself, I will remain selfish and wish these "tourists" would stay the hell away.