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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

M/V Collision 113 at Rt 12

Type of Incident: Motor Vehicle Collision
Date and Time: 08/09/2017 @ 1358 hrs.
Location: S/B Rt 113 @ Rt 12 Snow Hill , MD

Case#: 17-MSP-033584

Vehicles: Vehicle #1 blue 2004 Dodge Durango VA registration TINK357

Vehicle # 2 white 2015 Ford Focus MD registration SG29076

Accused: (At Fault)/ Driver Vehicle #1: Brittani Lee Selert of New Church VA 24 yoa

Narrative: Vehicle #1 a blue 2004 Dodge Durango VA registration TINK357, operated by Brittani Lee Selert of New Church VA was travelling S/B 113 approaching a red signal at 113 and RT 12.

Vehicle #1 failed to stop at the red signal and struck Vehicle #2 which was traveling on RT 12 preparing to get on 113. Vehicle #2 a white 2015 Ford Focus MD registration SG29076 operated by Kim Poole of Berlin Md.

The Dodge Durango was occupied by 4 occupants including the driver, Nicole Annetta Parks, a 9 month old infant and a 9 year old child. All occupants of the Durango were transported to AGH for their injuries.

The Ford Focus was occupied by 2 occupants. Driver Kim Poole and passenger Gloria Lambert. Lambert was transported to PRMC for her injuries and Poole was transported to MD Shock Trauma via Trooper 6 for her injuries.

Disposition: Investigation continues-charges pending

Investigating Trooper: Tfc S. Meyers


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear people were hurt, but obviously stop lights don't prevent all accidents.

Anonymous said...

Need a STOP LIGHT at Newark & 113 at store Badly !!!

Anonymous said...

No we need drivers that realize that the right foot operates a gas pedal and when they pull out on a highway(any road with a 45mph speed limit or greater) they need to depress that pedal and get up to speed quickly.

Anonymous said...

no, they like to screw with other drivers too much

Anonymous said...

No, we need drivers who realize that red lights do not stop cars; drivers do! When you pull out onto a highway, look both ways as even though you have the light in your favor, idiots, high speed police and emergency vehicles, and idiots will not be stopping for the light. It's your life in Your hands.

I'm sorry, did I repeat myself?

Anonymous said...

Guaranteed the driver of vehicle #1 was on her cell phone running her mouth about her baby daddy instead of paying attention to the light.