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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Pugh Crime-Fighting Plan Includes Free Community College

Mayor Catherine Pugh unveiled her crime-fighting plan following the Board of Estimates meeting Wednesday and part of that plan includes free college for Baltimore's youth.

Pugh unveiled what she called a "violence-reduction plan," looking at the following key areas:
  • Making Baltimore Safe: Improve effective policing, focus on repeat offenders and increase police clearance rates.
  • Keeping Baltimore Healthy: resources for addiction recovery, a 24-hour city stabilization center that is strategically located, increasing Narcan availability, expanding the Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) to help those in need.



Steve said...

Why not just give away free heroin with the narcon before every free college class? That will inspire these kids to do the right thing and help them with their studies! Then, they get to choose their own grade at the end of each semester! YEAH!


Anonymous said...

Do like that idiot down in georiga, give em all As and pay em to go.

Anonymous said...

Trust they have a Mortuary Science major available. Great job security in that field in Charm City.

Anonymous said...

They can major in thugology.

Anonymous said...

Ebonics and common core for all, for free! Come and get it! The diplomas/degrees these kids get need to come with an asterisk to alert the real world to the fact they didn't earn them, and don't know crap.

Anonymous said...

Sure that's going to work " Stupid is as stupid does Mayor Pugh" where's my box of chocolates.

Anonymous said...

Free or not, how does someone get into college when they don't even have a GED? Even Obama's daughter is left out in the cold with an insufficient GPA.

Nothing but feel good talk.

Anonymous said...

Another idea to give away false / useless degrees only recognized by government. What was that so called college from DC that was here in Salisbury, Sojourn-Douglas or something like that. They only pushed "Black History". They gave out fake degrees to individuals that could not speak, write or communicate in good, clear and concise in proper English language. I know graduates from there and they even said going there was like going to Jr High. All you had to do was pass the courses that dealt with the "black race". Another Democrat idea to waste tax dollars with grants etc.

Anonymous said...

Just what they need, more freebies (which aren't really free of course). How has that worked so far??