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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Joe Scarborough Thinks Your Children Should Want to Die in Wars Rather Than Playing Games

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Joe grew up in Florida and never bothered to join the military. I suppose he was busy playing shuffleboard or whatever the hell they do down in Pensacola. Ever since Joe entered the political scene, he's been part of the neocon gang. You know, rubbing elbows with the likes of Bill Kristol, Paul Wolfowitz or his wife's late father Zbigniew Brzezinski -- chicken hawks who clamor for the blood of young Americans in a perverse, ritualistic manner.

Now, obviously feeling his oats for being a hardcore Never Trumper, making all sorts of new friends in the liberal media, Scarborough tweeted out a criticism to today's youth, upset over their lack of enthusiasm for military service, opting to instead stay at home playing video games.
Young men in the 1940s liberated Europe from Nazism and the Pacific from the Japanese Empire. Today, too many stay home playing video games. 
Being an avid collector of old newspapers, and regular peruser of old articles on Google's News Archive, I can tell that before and during WW2, there were countless older men penning articles critical of the youth of that time, who went on to become 'the greatest generation.' They called them soft and bitter, accustomed to American decadence, unable to go toe to toe with the hardened Hitler youth.




Anonymous said...

Young men in the 1940s not only went to war, they came back and found jobs.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened about that young girl who died in Joe Scarborough's office? Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

4:40 as they do today.

Anonymous said...

Joe Scarborough - full-time empty suit. 2 kids each by each of his first two wives. Now engaged to his co-host, the daughter of Jimmy Carter's foreign policy guru.

Guess that makes him an expert, in his mind.

Anonymous said...

Good point. Hire a vet!

Anonymous said...

May be, kids today have more information at the ready for them. They know that if they join the military, they won't be defending anything or fighting for freedom anywhere.

They'll be putting their lives on the line to line the pockets of politicians and their cronies.

It's a NO BRAINER that they don't have any interest in signing up for the military. You blame them?