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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Maryland cases dropped after cop filmed 'planting drugs'

Dozens of drugs and firearms cases have been dismissed in Baltimore, Maryland, after police officers were caught on camera appearing to be planting evidence.

A police officer was recorded on his own body camera confiscating what is alleged to be heroin which he then places in a tin can at an undisclosed location in January this year.

As a result of the footage, 34 cases have been dismissed and 100 are under review, Baltimore's top prosecutor says.


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Anonymous said...

impossible! kops are our friends! right? at least that's what they keep telling us! i know I know wait for it! here comes the comment wait until I need one! funny thing is I'm 60 yo and never needed one or at least when I did have reason for interaction with them, there was no kop to be found! or at least one that gave a crap and actually wanted to do more then file a report!