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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Green Delusions and the Wind Bully

Green ideology is a collection of beliefs and superstitions that have been elevated into a religious cult. The green cult is rife with contradictions and dogma. For example, people in Wisconsin must eat fresh natural food, grown locally...and Wisconsin farmers are still working on the problem of growing lettuce in the snow.

The electric power grid is an essential of modern life. Take it away, and the consequence would be mass extinction. The greens are eager to tamper with the grid. They want to substitute "clean" wind and solar electricity for the "dirty" nuclear, coal, and natural gas electricity.

The word "clean," like the word "green," has a new meaning. Now "clean" means politically correct. Something is clean if it conforms to green dogma.

The Panera Bread fast food chain tells us that its food is now "clean." It means that its food is politically correct, not containing a long list of taboo ingredients. The greens have their own dietary laws. Read the magazine Clean Eating for details.


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Anonymous said...

The amount of coal, fuel, and nuclear energy required to make, erect, and operate a windmill far exceeds the amount of energy it produces.