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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Donald Trump is becoming trapped

Early last week, a friend who is generally supportive of President Trump offered his view that the president had only one move remaining — firing special counsel Robert Mueller.

By week’s end, my friend had a different view: The president is in a box without a clear escape hatch. “I’m not sure how he gets out of this,” he said wearily.

Those conversations bookend the worst week of the Trump presidency, which ended with another shake-up. By removing Reince Priebus as chief of staff and replacing him with Gen. John Kelly from Homeland Security, Trump aims to bring a semblance of military order and discipline to the White House.
Given Trump’s respect for Kelly, the move could mark an important turning point in focusing the president’s time and efforts. Too many days have been squandered by leaks and conflicting and even contradictory messages.



Anonymous said...

No one ever said draining the swamp would easy. This is why America has declined so much over the past 30 years. Democrats lost their party to socialist, Republicans have no balls and are full of RINOs. God bless mr Donald Trump and lets take our country back.

Anonymous said...

I will never understand why Trump did not fire every Obama appointee on day one. Look at the NSC.

Anonymous said...

6:53 I agree with you but I don't think anyone realized just how much the Obama people hate this country. By the way it's not too late if they don't do as he says he can still fire their asses and should.

Anonymous said...

They don't want to forfeit their cushion job to get rich and lose those undeserved benefits.