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Thursday, August 10, 2017

CBS News Poll Shows Nearly 75% Of Americans Disapprove Of Congress

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Now that Congress is in summer recess, how do Americans feel about the job they’ve done?

A new CBS News poll asks that question, and the answers aren’t good.

86 percent of Americans say not much was done. 73 percent disapprove of the job Congress is doing.

And while 19 percent of voters who say Congress didn’t get much done are glad, because their priorities weren’t right, 73 percent feel frustrated by the unfinished business.

WJZ contacted Republican Congressman Andy Harris and Democrat Senator Ben Cardin by phone for reaction to the poll.



Anonymous said...

We have this gigantic conflict of interest built into our system in the US.They only approve what benefits them personally.

Anonymous said...

2 TERM LIMITS >>> Problems SOLVED !!!!

Anonymous said...

How about you clowns actually vote for people with common sense and an allegiance to the truth; not the guys who spoon feed you what you want to hear

Anonymous said...

1250 I wish it were that easy since CONgress themselves would have to pass that bill!!! Not in our lifetime!

Boys/girls better get their acts together because the elections are less than 14 months away!!!!

Anonymous said...

If we had more people like Gowdy and Chaffetz we'd have a much better showing in the polls.

Anonymous said...

And with Chaffetz leaving after this term, we're down one responsible congressman.