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Thursday, August 10, 2017

California Has 11 Counties With More Registered Voters Than Voting-Age Citizens

The Election Integrity Project California provides a list of 11 California counties that have more registered voters than voting-age citizens.

In addition, Los Angeles County officials informed the project that “the number of registered voters now stands at a number that is a whopping 144% of the total number of resident citizens of voting age.”

The Election Integrity Project California, Inc. has joined Judicial Watch, Inc., a non-partisan organization in Washington, D.C., in sending a National Voter Registration Act (“NVRA”) Section 8 notice of violation letter to California Secretary of State, Alex Padilla.



Anonymous said...

I absolutely bet Maryland does too. Time to purge those files that nobody seems to want to do.

Anonymous said...

Recall the 1st District Democrat candidate for Congress was registered and voted in two different states...2014 IIRC.

Anonymous said...

Land of the moon bat; we should expect nothing less.

lmclain said...

WHERE are the empty headed propagandists of the liberal left who keep squealing like little piglets that there is no election fraud???

The TRUTH is, WHEREVER they look, they find dead people, people registered in 3-5 states, illegal voters, multiple votes by the same person, and FAKE names.
WHEREVER they look.
Come on, you sissies. Lets hear your latest rationalization for why all of this continuing exposure of widespread (as in, across the nation) voter fraud is just made-up news by fake reporters and there is no voter fraud..
Before you start, let me remind you --- the sky is NOT green.
Now, go ahead.
Keep cheering.