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Saturday, July 08, 2017

Woman charged with stealing lotto tickets worth $25K

After an investigation that took place last winter and lasted until the spring, the Ocean City Police Department released details of a lottery ticket theft scheme that resulted in a convenience store losing tens of thousands of dollars.

In January, Saroj Pratap KC of Ocean Market on 141st Street reported that an employee had been stealing lottery tickets. The employee was identified as Yashodha Lama, 28, of Ocean City.

Ocean City police said that Lama allegedly printed “Racetrax” bets scratch-off tickets without paying for them from Dec. 22, 2016 to Jan. 23. Detectives estimated that she allegedly stole approximately $25,000 worth of tickets over the course of several weeks.



Anonymous said...

Any winners? The state will be coming after the $$ from those, too.

Anonymous said...

Ocean Market has donuts as good as Fractured Prune but for 1/2 the price ($1.08 ea).

Anonymous said...

Ocean Market is a great little store.
It is a shame to hear about this case.

Anonymous said...

Yashodha Lama, 28, of Ocean City.

Sounds like an illegal Muslim.

Anonymous said...

So you have determined immigration status and religion based on name alone. You should work for INS. Seriously, your country needs you, your talent is wasted at Jiffy Lube