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Saturday, July 08, 2017

West OC housing attractive to J-1s

Roughly 20 young adults, half of them J-1 visa students, live in a house off Golf Course Road in West Ocean City, and according to some of them, it’s preferable to living in Ocean City.

“I definitely don’t feel overcrowded,” said Elena Rotareanu, a 21-year-old from Moldova who is spending her second summer with the J-1 visa program here. “United Work and Travel found this house last year, and I had the option to change it this time, but I didn’t want to. I had the same number of roommates last year, and we became lifelong friends. Even now, we keep texting each other.”

Rotareanu is one of nine women using a bedroom divided into two sleeping areas: one with two beds and a larger room with four bunkbeds. Overall, the house has six bedrooms and three bathrooms, and a spacious kitchen and living room.



Anonymous said...

Great but aren't there occupancy rules that determine how many people can be stuffed into these homes?

Anonymous said...

West OC better get on their zoning code. They'll have rooming houses like the ones in Salisbury that have brought once beautiful, peaceful neighborhoods to the brink of disaster.