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Saturday, July 08, 2017

Bald Eagle Shot Near Havre de Grace on 4th of July; Police Seek Suspects

A juvenile bald eagle found injured on Independence Day at a Havre de Grace area park had been shot, according to Maryland Natural Resources Police. The wound was crippling enough that regional wildlife rehabilitators and veterinarians were forced to euthanize the raptor.

Natural Resources Police have initiated an investigation and are encouraging the public to contact the agency with any tips or information that may provide assistance in the case.

While enjoying a Fourth of July hike at Swan Harbor Farm – a Harford County-owned 500-acre Chesapeake Bay-front park on the Oakington peninsula – visitors from Baltimore County discovered the bird laying in a field off a walking path. The juvenile eagle (which had not yet developed its namesake white plumage on its head) was clearly in distress – wing twisted, panting, and evidently unable to move or fly.



Anonymous said...

How about we the people shoot the shooter....

cracktherack said...

Sign me up

Anonymous said...

While it is a shame that some youngsters chose to commit this crime against an eagle, humans remain much more important than animals. Period.

Anonymous said...

All Gods' Creatures, Great and Small,
the Lord God loves them ALL !