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Saturday, July 08, 2017

Maryland Natural Resources Police Respond to 15 Boating Accidents this Holiday Weekend

Partners with U.S. Coast Guard for Operation Dry Water

For the second consecutive year, the Fourth of July holiday ended without a boating fatality, the Maryland Natural Resources Police reported.

Statewide there were 15 boating accidents, an increase of three over 2016, and officers arrested 12 boaters for operating under the influence of alcohol, the same number as last year.

The most serious boating accident occurred in Ocean City Saturday when a Kawasaki personal watercraft struck the Route 90 bridge around 4:30 p.m.

Yash Bhargava, 28, of Cumberland, Rhode Island, was taken to Atlantic General Hospital with head and internal injuries and then transferred to Peninsula Regional Medical Center for additional treatment. His passenger was not injured.

Bhargava was cited for negligent operation and operating in excess of 6 knots within 100 feet of a structure.

From June 30 through July 2, the department’s police unit teamed up with the U.S. Coast Guard for Operation Dry Water, a 9 year old national campaign to crackdown on impaired boating. Saturation patrols focused on high-traffic areas and traditional hot spots. Since its inception, the campaign has resulted in 82 arrests.

Officers issued 526 citations during the holiday, a 6.2 percent increase over 2016. Tickets were issued for violations such as: exceeding the 6-knot speed limit, insufficient number of life jackets, a lack of boat safety equipment, and exceeding crabbing and fishing limits.

The Maryland Natural Resources Police is responsible for patrolling state parks and other public lands. During the July Fourth holiday weekend, officers were in contact with 8,138 visitors. In addition, officers conducted 2,153 free vessel safety inspections and checked 3,709 recreational anglers, 1,549 crabbers and 224 watermen.


lmclain said...

F'ing Nazi's.

Harassing innocent boaters with their "inspections".
WHEN did "we, the people" get convinced that armed agents (who WILL kill you for "not complying") get to stop ANY American to see if --- IF!! --- they MIGHT be committing a crime??
Whoever told them they had a right to force INNOCENT people to submit to ANY "inspection"? At gunpoint? For NO OTHER REASON than to "check" for crime??! And THAT isn't Nazi BS!??
A free society keeps its Praetorian Guards in check. WE tell THEM what to do and how to do it. Now, THEY believe it's the other way around. And you BETTER not fail to comply with THAT.
Stay armed and and stay ready. We fought a revolution over a LOT less than that.....
This Nazi crap by people who enforce Two Sets of Laws will not last forever. Not even ONCE in recorded history.
You think the Governor's boat ever gets stopped and "inspected"?
How about the State Police Commander's boat?

Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

8:29 You must be an Admerial in the Pensatucky Navy. They will not stop you if you have a Coast guard inspection sticker on your water craft Goober

lmclain said...

I don't own a boat.
But I have been on several and have been interrupted by the Nazi's (actually, EVERY TIME I've been on a recreational boat) so they could "make sure" we were following the laws. That was their statement -- "We just need to make sure..." If you don't see or anticipate crime, leave citizens alone. That's the bottom line.
And shouldn't they have seen the stickers (these guys I were with were professional water men, fishing for pleasure on their boats with me)) from their hidden observation posts on shore?
No violations were EVER found. All they did was make me and my friends stop what we were doing and PROVE our innocence (read that again, Heinrich) to the guys wearing a 9mm's and very not interested in hearing about rights or innocence.
Not doing ANYTHING wrong and STILL have to endure questioning from armed agents of the government? DON'T try to leave the scene, either.
If THAT ain't Nazi BS, none exists.
As you were, Private. (keep cheering).