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Friday, July 14, 2017

Study uses Vivitrol in effort to help prerelease inmates curb opioid cravings

JESSUP, Md. —A Maryland man hopes a medication will curb his craving for heroin, and the same is hoped for inmates, some whom are receiving the drug just before release as part of a clinical study.

Again battling back to recovery, Kenny hopes the prescribed drug Vivitrol will help him. He feels plenty of guilt and shame as he works to piece his life back together after 12 years of heroin use. He has had more than a dozen overdoses.

"I didn't have enough strength to make it through the day without getting high," Kenny said.

The latest overdose came three months ago on his mother's birthday. The ambulance crew nearly gave up.



Anonymous said...

"Vitriol", LOL!

Just saying'...

bob pinto said...

If it works, love to see it mass produced and readily available. Saying opioid abuse is out of control is like saying the sun came up this morning.