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Friday, July 14, 2017

ICE: There May Be More Than 12M Illegals

Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Thomas Homan said he isn’t sure exactly how many illegal immigrants are in the U.S.

There could be more than 11 to 12 million in the country, he said. No matter how many there are, Homan said that President Donald Trump’s executive orders have put every illegal immigrant (except those covered by President Obama’s amnesty for illegal aliens who arrived as minors) up for deportation.

He recently spoke at a White House press briefing in which he said that no illegal immigrant should “be comfortable,” and he reiterated that message during Tuesday’s interview.

“One thing President Trump did with the executive orders is he took the handcuffs off of officers. Now they can enforce the laws enacted by Congress,” Homan told TheDC. “The executive orders could’ve been written in one sentence: ‘You are now allowed to enforce the law as written.’ There’s been a lot of people off the table. Now there’s no population off the table anymore.”



Anonymous said...

Eating up American resources and tax payer $$ in every since of the word. It's no wonder Veterans, the elderly, and working families who are struggling can not get any help and/or relief.

Anonymous said...

That's all you see everywhere, majority if them are nothing but alcoholics!! Disabled veteran who gets S**" on by the public and VA

Anonymous said...

12M thats just in NY city.

Anonymous said...

How many of those illegals placed an illegal vote for Killary? Remember what Barry said, "If you're illegal, don't be afraid to go out and vote!". Quite sick of the Democrats getting no flack and holding the patriotic Republicans under a microscope. If you want accountability, make it for all and not just for your own cause.

Anonymous said...

The ICE agents that work with our office say DOUBLE that 12 million number...easily.

Anonymous said...

All members of the US government, both Democrats and Republicans, allowed this to occur. It didn't happen overnight.