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Friday, July 14, 2017

Berlin adopts new ‘SNAP’ program for special needs

The Berlin Police Department announced on Monday the implementation of a new Special Needs Alert Program, or SNAP.

According to a release, the program is designed to aid law enforcement officers in contacting and locating Berlin residents with special needs. The program is available for those who live, work or regularly frequent the town.

The release said the program would include those with Alzheimer’s disease, autism, Down syndrome, dementia and those with impaired hearing and vision.

Police Chief Arnold Downing elaborated on the program at a Town Council meeting on Monday.



Anonymous said...

Mark NY word some of Berlin's finest will confuse the his with some welfare handout

Anonymous said...

Another duplication. The county already has this where you can fill out form and send to 911. Can we continue to waste more time and money. Close up the pd and let sheriff handle we already pay for that.

Anonymous said...

Just like Berlin PD needed thier own SWAT team, duplication and waste.

Anonymous said...

Today's police needs to get back to enforcing laws. Their role is not to be caregivers or parent's.

Anonymous said...

Can you all read the full article.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Talk about a waste of money, I'd like to know how Berlin police department can justify one of their officers living on deal Island Road with a take-home car, over 40 miles from town limits.