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Thursday, July 20, 2017

New Poll Says Dems Set Up For Failure In 2018 Midterms

Democrats who want to take control of Congress in the 2018 midterm elections are going to have to face the fact that strong supporters of President Donald Trump are most likely to vote, according to a poll released Wednesday.

A very strong majority of 71 percent of all who “strongly approve” of Trump say they are “absolutely certain” that they will vote in the midterm elections. That’s much higher than Democrats. Only 57 percent of Democrats overall say they plan to vote, according to a poll released by The Washington Post.

It’s not all bad for Democrats. Nearly 52 percent of respondents reported they wanted Democrats to control Congress, compared to only 38 percent of voters who want Republicans to maintain their control of both chambers. Additionally, the president’s party has lost seats in 40 of the past 43 midterm elections, so there’s a historical precedent for Democrats gaining ground.



Anonymous said...

Dems chances rely solely on Repubs eating their own and their continued fight with the President. If this continues, folks will be very upset - so much to select Dems.

Then again, history shows comprise does come when there one party is in the White House and another party is the majority in CONgress.

Although this is much different times.

Who really knows?

Anonymous said...

I pray this holds...