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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Alarming report about U.S. jobs being outsourced

A shocking report stating that one in four American jobs could either be sent overseas or be lost to automation was released on Tuesday from researchers at Muncie, Indiana’s Ball State University.

A paper titled, “How Vulnerable Are American Communities to Automation, Trade and Urbanization?,” predicts the devastating consequences outsourcing and automating are likely to have on the American workforce.

Researchers looked at current data regarding job movement and potential displacement in the U.S. and concluded that “as many as 25 percent of American jobs could be offshored in the years ahead, at risk of replacement by foreign competition. And half of all low-skill jobs could eventually be automated.” This has the potential of affecting millions of Americans.

“We do not wish to be alarmist,” they said, noting that trade and automation-related economic growth are indicative of a vibrant economy. “The findings of direct and indirect impacts of displacement are not homogeneous across populations. The negative long-term impacts of displacement have been found to be worse for low-skilled, less-educated workers, who are likely to work in more vulnerable jobs.”



Anonymous said...

Ball State University, eh?

Well last week, Nutsack Community College from Intercourse, PA told us beaches will be gone in 25 years.

Can't wait to hear that the sky is falling from Vagina Tech!


Anonymous said...

Only way to bring the country or world back. Unplug the internet, get rid of cell phones, stop the day to day speed of technology. There will be little left for humans to do in the next 10 to 20 years if this is not done. the entire world will be 20 times worse than Venezuela is now, if things don't go back to the future.

Anonymous said...

Couple of things to ponder as it relates to outsources and the craziness of money/resources.

(1) 2016 Washington DC took in $99.1M in revenue from speed cameras. Washington DC, not a state and with a population of roughly 600,000. $99.1M - WOW.

(2) Baseball Player Bryce Harper (Wash Nationals) is projected to make (at MINIMUM) in his next salary (starting 2019) $500 MILLION dollars roughly over 10 years- GUARANTEED! A new high for professional athletes.

Things are definitely upside down as it pertains to priorities and I don't think any President can fix that right now!

Anonymous said...

Bought brake line for Dodge Caravan - $62+ MADE IN MEXICO !