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Monday, June 05, 2017

Why Won't They Prosecute?


Anonymous said...

Can we make a guess here? The State's Attorney is Angela Alsobrooks, might she be a #1 in police parlance???

Was the 'accountant' also a #1?? Just axing

Anonymous said...

Go to the Feds. If she took State tax money, she took Fed $ as well.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should pay your bookkeepers a livable wage. We see EVERYTHING. Including paying for your gym membership, groceries and ITunes out of the company account.

Anonymous said...

I am a bookkeeper. I do not steal. But here are a few thoughts...

Your post doesn't add up and I have to wonder why it took the owner to that point to realize there was a problem.
Didn't you or your husband ever look at the books? You never opened the mail? You never reviewed a credit card statement?
Proving the overtime issue will be impossible.
What is fraudulent use of company accounts?
How could you not know your taxes were not paid? How do you hide not paying taxes?
7:12 is correct. Not that stealing is condoned, but you get what you pay for and ultimately you are responsible for running your business, especially the financial side.

What was the point of the selfie? Is that to encourage us to take pity on you? It didn't work.

Steve said...

Cheese, 7:21! REALLY? If the wage of the job was not acceptable, she shouldn't have taken the job! Holy crap! You are justifying taking a job at an agreed upon wage and then approving of embezzlement over and above the wage?

Are you hiring? I'm available for any job you have to offer, LOL! And with your past record, you can't prosecute because you approve of this!!!!

Just tell Joe to call Steve!

Anonymous said...

PG County? What a surprise!

Anonymous said...

8:51 PM you're an idiot and that wasn't the point. lol, you just failed the interview.

Anonymous said...

P.G. County , that says a lot!!