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Monday, June 05, 2017

New threat closes Evergreen State College again on Monday

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- All classes are canceled again at Evergreen State College for Monday after a new threat came in against the school over the weekend.

No details about this threat have been given.

It will be the third day classes have been closed by threats to the campus.

The campus was suddenly closed and evacuated Thursday after an unspecified threat came into the business line for the Thurston County 911 dispatch center. Classes were closed again on Friday as the investigation into the threats continued. Then a new threat came in over the weekend, prompting Monday's closure.

"Even though we had planned to be back in class on Monday, it’s important to give law enforcement an opportunity to evaluate their new information," said Sandra Kaiser, vice president for college relations at Evergreen.

No incidents have occurred at the college, but there has been a visible police presence on the campus since the original threat was made.


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Anonymous said...

Good. It should be closed and maybe it will even affect their graduation. They are acting like a bunch of spoiled kindergarten children rather than college age young adults. And the other teachers who are backing the students instead of the "racist professor" are just as bad. For God sake, how many people marched and fought to stop segregation and now they want it back. I am so sick of this "political correctness" and this "if you don't agree with me, you must be a _________________." Just fill in the blank with any of the following: racist, bigot, homophobe, yada, yada, yada. Sick to death of it.!!!! Why should that man have to leave the campus simply because he is white. Can you even imagine if a white person told a black they had to leave the campus for the day. Why? Just because I say so. Bull.