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Monday, June 05, 2017

Pro-Lifers Ask for Sessions on Planned Parenthood

Defending Planned Parenthood has always been a tough job -- but last month, it got even harder with the release of some of the worst undercover videos to date. Just when you thought the group couldn't be any crasser, David Daleiden caught employees laughing about some of the collateral damage of abortion -- like eyeballs rolling into staffers' laps -- and other horrifying tales.

But the stories were more than stomach-turning -- they were also incriminating. At one point, Planned Parenthood Dr. Ann Schutt-Aine talked about how the group evades the partial-birth abortion law by "pull[ing] off a leg or two, so it's not PBA." It's that obvious disdain for the law that's gotten Cecile Richards's group into trouble before. After a series of videos showed the higher-ups at Planned Parenthood were hiding a massive baby organ-selling ring, Republicans finally had enough. Led by Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), the House launched a special panel to investigate the organization propped up by more than a half-billion taxpayer dollars. Despite the Left's refusal to cooperate, Blackburn and company uncovered plenty of abuses of fetal tissue and born-alive infant protection laws.

Unfortunately, under the most pro-abortion president in American history, Congress didn't have the support of the White House to move those allegations forward. Now, armed with more evidence -- and friends in the White House and Congress -- conservative groups are asking Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe to pick up where the Obama administration never left off. "We, the undersigned representing millions of Americans, strongly support an investigation into paid fetal tissue transfers involving Planned Parenthood."


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