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Monday, June 05, 2017

Florida sheriff deputy caught on body cam stealing money

A Florida sheriff's deputy has been charged after he was caught on his own body camera stealing money from at least three men he had arrested.

Volusia County Sheriff deputy John Braman, 34, is facing a string of felony charges, including grand theft, after footage emerged of him back in January during a DUI arrest.

He is also facing charges from at least two other incidents in which he is accused of going through the wallets of people he had taken into custody.

The charges were announced by the State Attorney's Office on Thursday, the Daytona Beach News Journal reports.



Anonymous said...

Been going on around here for years. Limelight Lewis calls it civil forfeiture AKA Harley fund.

Anonymous said...

But cops don't commit crimes, or break the law or do illegal acts, and according to the ass cheek sucking cop lovers, it is you the average citizen who is to blame for why cops break the law, don't you remember, silly rabbit!!!!

Anonymous said...

No need to be alarmed folks. If proven, he is just one of the very rare bad apples. Like every profession has in their midst. Besides, he is just removing the financial ability of criminals to commit crimes. If they hadn't committed crimes they wouldn't lose their money.

Anonymous said...

Our county has been doing this forever!

lmclain said...

If a thug tries to rob you, you can put a couple of rounds into his chest.
When an armed government agents robs you (and they robbed US citizens LAST YEAR ALONE to the tune of ....wait for it.....say it out loud to yourself.....SIX BILLION DOLLARS!!) all you can do is what everyone does when confronted by a highway robber WITH A BADGE.
You do exactly what they claim is their motto --- Comply or die.
Say it again--- six BILLION dollars taken from American citizens without trial or charges by officials of the government. In ONE YEAR.
Start shooting back. Count on jury nullification.
Government and court sanctioned robbery. Accompanied by an occasional murder for resisting (they call it "being afraid" (of not getting that cash).
Without a camera, this guy would be hailed as a "hero" for doing such a selfless and dangerous job. Now, he's the ONLY cop who has EVER robbed a citizen at gunpoint.
Keep cheering.