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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Why do teens keep getting murdered in Richmond?

Inside the gang violence in the city's public housing communities

A Richmond police cruiser bounces down a rutted alley toward a dozen teenagers hanging out behind one of the low, red-brick buildings that make up Mosby Court.

It’s a recent weekday afternoon – one of the first truly hot summer days, and between a double homicide of two teenagers in April, the killing of a Virginia State Police special agent in May and a dozen other shootings and killings, the 450-unit public housing complex has emerged as the symbolic epicenter of a violent year that’s only expected to get worse.

The two officers climb out of their patrol car. They’re interested in the graffiti on the wall behind the kids, where “Kobeworld,” “F--- Barry” and “F--- da road" are spray-painted in crude lettering.

The officers read it as coded references to an ongoing battle between violent elements of Mosby and nearby Creighton Court. The rivalry goes back years, and while the exact numbers are impossible to nail down, police and others attribute a not-insignificant portion of the recent shootings and killings in both neighborhoods to it.



Anonymous said...

Lucky for us that there are no gangs in Salisbury.

Anonymous said...

6:14 AM, Are you trying to make jokes so early in the morning???

Anonymous said...

Quite an article and is reminiscent of the Hatfields and McCoys. Much ado about nothing really. One solution might be to just let them have at it until extinction. The article says the perpetrators are "idle" kids who at these young ages will never make it to adulthood so ( and I know this isn't popular) but another solution is the Norplant which is a TEMPORARY birth control method to keep these young women from a prolific life style which keeps churning out these kids. They are way too street smart and more or less groomed to carry on the feuds to no good end.

Anonymous said...

842 - it made me laugh!!!

Concerned Retiree said...

Listen to the Mayor and Police Chief there is not a gang problem in Salisbury. There are no reports to substantiate gang activity in Salisbury. Just ask any DemocRAT representing the City and if they disagree ask what they are doing about it. The gangs have control of Salisbury.

For those of us they recognize gangs and their activity observes them every day everywhere wearing their colors. The Public needs to be more observant for their own safety since you will get no help until it is to late. Also the Public needs to get familiar with their colors and how they wear them from the smallest object to the larger objects also their hand signs and tattoos.