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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Dallas cop get assault charge for killing pregnant woman

A grand jury has recommended an aggravated assault charge against a Dallas police officer who shot and killed a pregnant woman in a January confrontation involving a stolen car.

The Dallas County district attorney announced Friday that Dallas Police Officer Christopher Hess was indicted on the charge of aggravated assault in the shooting death of a pregnant 21-year-old Genevive Dawes.

Hess shot and killed a pregnant Dawes in a January confrontation involving a stolen car. It is the first time in 43 years that a Dallas Police officer has been indicted for an officer-involved shooting that resulted in death.



Anonymous said...

A Texas cop will never get charged for a shooting... he got charged for the abortion.

Anonymous said...

Being a cop is not for everyone. If you get scared at the drop of a hat then you should find a new line of work.

Anonymous said...

I imagine the physical evidence of the fence and both cars would tell the truth one way or the other. A convicted felon with a gun and sleeping in the car. Tell me again about the devoted mother?

Anonymous said...

How do you kill someone and get charged with assault? Just saying.