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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Trump Defies Globalists, Calls for US Dominance in Energy

President Trump has openly defied a technocratic plan by the globalists to shut down US energy independence.

In a reversal of Obama administration policies that suspended domestic energy production, particularly coal, Mr. Trump wants the US to once again become a net exporter of energy.

“The fact that we’re no longer in the age of energy scarcity – that we’re in the age of energy abundance – positions the United States in a totally different place,” said Dave Banks, a Trump energy advisor. “This gives access to affordable, reliable energy in the United States, and gives the U.S. a major competitive advantage.”



Anonymous said...

So, latest rumors are that oil is NOT the remnants of dead dinosaurs, but the vast vat that all the dinosaurs drowned in, and there is more oil not only in reserves that we keep, but it is an almost endless supply of a continually being made resource.

Is this true?

Anonymous said...

Thank God we are starting to use some common sense. Being PC needs to be a thing of the past.

Paul Revere said...

Gotta luv the TRUMP.... go Sir, we all love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Obama only wanted to weaken the USA. Any way possible.