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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Report: Suspect in teen murder near Va. mosque was in MS-13, attacked woman week before

HERNDON, Va. (ABC7) — Sources have confirmed to ABC7 News the details of a Washington Post report that states the man who police say abducted and killed a teen near a mosque in Herndon earlier this month allegedly attacked a different woman and sent her to a hospital just one week earlier. That woman reportedly told authorities the man who attacked her was in MS-13.

Shortly after Nabra Mohmod Hassanen was found dead on Sunday, June 18, police in the area noticed a car driving suspiciously and began a traffic stop on Darwin Martinez Torres, 22, of Sterling. He was taken into custody as a suspect, and later charged with murder.

Just one week before the murder, sources confirm to ABC7 News that a woman said she was sexually assaulted and choked by a man who was later identified as Martinez Torres.



Anonymous said...

So MSM, this means it was not because she was Muslim, only because she was in the wrong place at the right (?) time.

Anonymous said...

I messaged you about this last week. Thanks for showing the truth. Unfortunately almost every news article here talked about the hate towards muslims and it was implied that it was white people. I live just a couple of miles from where this took place. There is a very bad MS 13 problem and just about every single one of them are illegal. It absolutely blew my mind hearing people that are so politically correct they were calling him an undocumented individual and it took several days before the headlines actually showed he was an illegal. Multiple people across Facebook were saying this is the type of hate Trunp causes. Hello? This is the exact type of person he is working his butt off to get out of the US.

Anonymous said...

3:08 you're exactly right !

Obama Crooked Bastardo said...

When this story broke out al Liberal MSM was reporting about "White Male Murdering Muslim Woman near Mosque". Now, the facts came out about murderer being Latino, possibly coming in country as DREAMER ACT of Obama's Administration. And week prior he sexually assaulted another woman. So, immediately after, the same MSM outlets cancelled their "reporting" on this criminal. Surprised? No. This doesn't fit their agenda of "White racism", "Diversity" and "let's Co-Exist" propaganda. They don't know how to spin it any more, so they sweeping it under the rug, and let's go to another Fake Breaking News. Any intelligent person could see right through these TV "Experts" as BS artists. Well, unless you are Snowflake, which there are many. Wake Up, Sheeple.

Anonymous said...

There it is...the PC word. When we will really wake up from this nightmare?