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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Survival secrets of otters BBC documentary

Otters may look cute, but these relentlessly energetic creatures are also skilled predators.

Otter-obsessed wildlife cameraman Charlie Hamilton James made for Wisconsin's Wild Instincts Rehabilitation Centre to study three orphaned male river otters ahead of their release back into the wild, to get a further insight into what makes the creatures so unique.

Hamilton James, who fronts Supercharged Otters: Natural World on the BBC, also filmed otters in various scenarios, slowing the footage down to 40 times slower than real time to allow him to study their movements in meticulous detail.

He said the footage backed up theories that the creatures can smell even underwater, after placing a plastic flake of fish and a real chunk of salmon under the water to see how the otter behaved.


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the "otter white meat"